Monday, February 6, 2012
Making A Difference: A Salute to Volunteers in our Community and Special Recognition to Senior Connections' Dynamic Choral Group
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This year, Senior Connections will take time to salute and recognize our community volunteers everyday. Volunteers are present in all of our communities and they are doing extraordinary work to support numerous causes that impact people from diverse walks of life. As we continue our work on our Strategic Directions for the next 5 years, we will include civic engagement and volunteerism among our top priorities. As we salute our community volunteers during February, we recognize the extraordinary contributions of Senior Connections Choral Group led by the Coordinator of our Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), Mr. Tony Williams. We appreciate the tremendous commitment made by members of the Choral Group to provide advocacy through music. Each time, they perform in our community, they are connecting with seniors, caregivers and families who may need to use the resources of Senior Connections and other community groups.  
  (Choral Group pictured at left). Their outreach through music is an effective way to support the
  Agency's vision of achieving "greater community impact." Each time they interact with seniors in
  our community, members of the Choral Group help to share hope and encouragement for improved
  quality of life and enhanced personal well being. Each year, the Choral Group performs before
  hundreds of seniors in our communities who are volunteers themselves. I am sure that they are all
  inspired to do more community service as a result of their interactions. As we measure our
 progress this year, we will put volunteerism at the top of our list of accomplishments. As a designated Area Agency on Aging for our region since 1973, Senior Connections wants to increase visibility and awareness of our programs throughout the Richmond Metropolitan area. One way to do this is to promote the work of all of our volunteer groups. During the month of February, we extend special thanks to the Choral Group, RSVP participants, RSVP partner agencies and members of the RSVP Advisory Council who are providing outstanding guidance to our efforts. We thank all of our volunteers for giving of their time to promote and support Senior Connections as the Area Agency on Aging for the Richmond Metropolitan Region.