Thursday, June 13, 2013
Greater Richmond Regional Plan for Age Wave Readiness
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Just about one year ago, we celebrated the release of the first Greater Richmond Regional Plan for Age Wave Readiness.   This Plan is a model that can be used by other communities. It is an initiative by leaders in business, government, education, health care, human services, the faith community and foundations.  The Age Wave Readiness Plan addresses the demographic change that is occurring in our region and that will continue well into the future.  The demographic shift will impact every part of our community.   The Age Wave Readiness Plan is the result of three years of collective work by the United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg, Senior Connections, residents and representatives of key sectors.   We are now ready to move into the implementation phase in partnership with the Gerontology Department at VCU, the United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg and the Richmond Regional Planning District Commission.  We extend special thanks the Richmond Memorial Health Foundation for funding, support and guidance.
The Age Wave Plan is guided by three principles:
·         Older adults will be viewed as resources to the community, not just as service recipients.
·         The plan will build on our region’s unique assets and other regional collaborative efforts in Greater Richmond.
·         Age Wave preparedness is critical for individuals as well as families in the Greater Richmond Region.  The plan will foster
      multi-generational opportunities.

Thanks to all who continue to assist with this effort as we begin the implementation stage.  Please take an opportunity to read the Plan and offer your suggestions as you consider what role you might play in making Great Richmond a positive, healthy and safe place for all ages.   For more information, please visit wave.  We appreciate your interest and support.