Wednesday, December 30, 2015
A Successful, Happy and Fulfilling New Year to All! / Honoring Veterans
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Senior Connections extends best wishes to all for a successful, happy and fulfilling year in 2016.  We appreciate the tremendous support received from program participants, community partners, funders, contributors and supporters during 2015.  We are grateful for the support we will receive in 2016.  As we begin the New Year, we are reflecting on our rich history and planning for the future as we give thanks.  We touch the lives of more than 25,000 individuals each year in important ways and provide critical services to approximately 3,600 seniors annually.  As in the past, we have received another "clean audit" without findings or recommendations for the period of October 2014 to September 2015.  We have several new staff members who complement the tremendous talents of our Senior Connections team.  We are extremely pleased to have numerous successful collaborations with community partners.  During 2016, we will give considerable attention to identifying resources to assist veterans and their families.

The Celebration of Veterans Day date back to 1938 when it became a legal holiday.  However, it was in 1926 when the United States officially recognized the end of World War 1 with a declaration.  We honor and thank veterans for their service all year long.  This is also a time to recognize veterans' families as caregivers and supporters.  We also pause to give special thanks for the people and things we treasure.  This year, as we honor the veterans in our communities, we also recognize resources that are available to them and their families.  We collaborate with other organizations in honoring veterans as valuable resources themselves and we recognize their past service to our country.  We are thankful for their numerous contributions.

During 2016, please join us in thanking veterans for their service.  Let's also thank them by serving them throughout the year.  Resources for veterans and their families can be found at or by calling the Virginia Department for Veterans Services at (804) 786-2085 or toll free at 888-508-3737.

Thank You Veterans for Your Service!
Thelma Bland Watson, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Senior Connections