Wednesday, August 10, 2011
Fan Care Helps Seniors Cope with Hot Weather
By commrels @ 2:40 PM :: 2824 Views

This has been a summer of high temperatures that can have adverse effects for all of us.  Older adults can be impacted by extreme temperatures due to lack of cooling equipment in their homes. We are very grateful to Dominion (Virginia Power) for funding Fan Care for the passt 21 years. Fan Care is managed by the Virginia Department for Aging. Dominion provides the funding which is distributed to buy fans and air conditioners for needy seniors. Fan Care is a life saving initiative. Fan Care has allowed us to assist seniors who have health conditions that make them vulnerable to extreme heat.  We have also been able to give information to seniors to help them cope with extreme temperatures (Click here to download our "Beat the Heat" flyer). The advice that we can all follow is to check on the well being of our older relatives and friends and to offer them assistance in coping with the heat of summer, the cold of winter and to help them prepare for emergency situations. We need to encourage and support planning in advance for hazards that might impact older persons who may be isolated. Please join us in thanking Dominion and the Virginia Department for the Aging ( for continuing the successful Fan Care Program.