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The professional and experienced staff of Senior Connections' Care Coordination Program handle phone requests for assistance from seniors and caregivers and may include a home visit for a person-to-person interview to determine what type of assistance is needed.  The interview will cover a wide range of topics that are part of everyday living, including:
 - Daily Activities
 - Feelings, Moods, and Emotions
 - Finances
Health Conditions
Housing Arrangements
Nutritional Needs

After the initial interview, Care Coordinators arrange specific services to meet the individual needs of a senior. Service could include:
Hiring someone to assist in the home with household chores, shopping, and driving to the store or doctor’s office.

 - Programs that promote interaction with other seniors to prevent isolation

 - Counseling services to assist with paying bills and managing a checking account

 - Home repair and modification to accommodate physically challenged older adults. This could include the construction of a wheelchair ramp to provide easier access into the home or repairs to a deteriorating home to make the environment safer.

 - Hiring an in-home care provider to help with managing health care needs such as taking prescription medications, physical therapy, and medical devices.

 - Plans to relocate to another, more suitable living environment or install devices and equipment in the home for safety.

 - Determining eligibility for and benefits from Medicare, Medicaid, Medigap, Social Security, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

 - Selecting a nutritional food service program that involves either having meals delivered to the home, or having your loved one visit a local senior center for a lunch meal program.

 - Programs that maintain cognitive functioning through scheduled activities, crafts, and educational presentations

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