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  "There are four kinds of people in the world: 
  those who have been caregivers,
  those who are caregivers,
  those who will be caregivers,
  and those who will need caregivers.”
    – Rosalyn Carter (Helping Yourself Help Others)

Family members are the primary providers of long-term care for loved ones. Family caregiving is the act of assisting someone you care about. He or she may be chronically ill, disabled or unable to care for him or herself. Unfortunately, there is nothing simple about family caregiving. Each caregiver's experience is unique but can share the same issues.

Senior Connections' Caregiver Support Services provides: 
 - Information about available services
 - Assistance with accessing other supportive services
 - Individual counseling, support groups, training to help with problem solving and decision making
 - Respite Care for temporary relief from caregiving roles and supplemental services like Home Modifications, 
   Assistive Technology Items and Emergency Response Systems

If you are a caregiver or anticipate being in a caregiver role in the near future and need support and guidance, please call Gretchen Francis at (804) 343-3037 or send an email to 

 - Family Caregiver Training
 - Gifts Ideas for Loved Ones in Assisted Living or Nursing Home
 - Surviving the Holidays: Strategies for Caregivers
 - National Family Caregivers Month
 - 2012 Livable Home Tax Credit Program

Angie Phelon: 804-343-3045;
Gretchen Francis: 804-343-3038;
Laurie Hunter: 804-822-3064;
Michelle Williams: 804-343-3057;


Local Resources Help with
Care of Loved Ones

Volunteers Needed!
Commonwealth Catholic
Charities is seeking volunteers
to enhance the quality of
life for caregivers and their
aging loved ones. Please
call Commonwealth Catholic
Charities at (804) 545-5916
for additional information.

On The Way!
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You May Be Suffering
from Caregiver Burnout 

So You Might Be A
Long-Distance Caregiver?

Caregiver Support Groups
Alzheimer's Association
(804) 967-2580

Crestwood Presbyterian
(804) 276-3669

Hanover Adult Center, Inc.
(804) 746-0743

Jewish Family
(804) 282-5644

Parkinson's Disease
Support Group
(804) 730-1336\Richmond

Greater Richmond SCAN
(Stop Child Abuse Now)
Support for Grandparents
(804) 257-7226

Complete List of
Support Groups